Night of Bolivian films: Viernes de Soltero and Altiplanos

The Anglo-Bolivian Society is very happy to show two films by Bolivian directors for the first time in the UK – Tonchy Antezana’s comedy ‘Viernes de Soltero’ or “Single men’s Friday night out” and, to contextualise this, his daughter Nayra Antezana’s short film ‘Altiplanos’ which narrates the story of an Antezana’s ancestor in the early 20th century showing films, carried in canisters on the back of mules, to mining communities. 

Places are limited. To reserve a seat please write to our email:

Viernes de Soltero

Tonchy Antezana


“Viernes de Soltero” – Four childhood friends who meet every Friday to share unforgettable moments of adventure. “Single men’s Friday night out” is a film that rescues a custom deeply rooted in values with much love and mischief. (Duration: 1h 30m) PG – Comedy

  • Actors: Guery Sandoval (Pocholo), Jenny Serrano, Mauricio Soria, Christian Rodríguez, Ivette Mercado, Melita Del Carpio and others.
  • Director: Sergio “Tonchy” Antezana’s cinematographic work has been the subject of several international awards, among which the “Best International Director” award at the 2009 New York International Independent Film Festival. He is also recipient of Bolivia’s Plurinational Cultures Award .
  • Recent filmography: Evo Pueblo (2007); El Cementerio de los Elefantes (2008); Boquerón (2016).

Friday, 6 March 2020
18:15 doors open for 19:45 start (double-bill)


Nayra Antezana


When Nayra realizes her father (Tonchy Antezana) will stop making films, he finds an old unfinished script he wrote about his great-grandfather Chrysophore who was traveling on the Bolivian Altiplano high plateau with two mules delivering and showing films in mining centers in the early 20th century. So, Nayra decides to undertake a trip with her father along the Bolivian highlands, touring villages abandoned following the decline in mining, where her great-grandfather once undertook a film project. Nayra endeavours to rescue images that her grandparents did not leave behind, before nothing remains with the passing of time. Altiplanos, documentary (33 minutes)

Deptford Cinema

39 Deptford Broadway, Lewisham, London SE8 4PQTickets £7 for Viernes de Soltero / Altiplanos double-bill – cash at door –seats 39 – come early
Licensed bar until 10:00

Places are limited. To reserve a seat please write to our email:

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