• Trend-Driven Innovation in Bolivia

    All businesses and organizations realize that innovation is more and more relevant if you wish to stay unique, at the top of your sector, or on the radar of your customers/stakeholders. In this sense, trend- driven innovation is a methodology with a set of easy-to-use tools, that can strategically help any type of organization anticipate their customer’s future needs and consequently develop strategies to satisfy them. This presentation will introduce this methodology, exploring some trends and innovation in the Bolivian context.

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  • Walter Kohn: an honourable man

    We were so pleased to present this talk by Elizabeth Sissi Gill. In 2014 Sissi resolved to investigate her maternal grandfather’s shadowy past, a mission that took her to Vienna, the US – and to La Paz, where newspapers from the 1930s revealed an extraordinary story of an unjust accusation of murder, a 10-year prison sentence and a hero’s death fighting for Bolivia in the Chaco War.

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  • Double Feature & Webinar: Altiplanos, from Nayra Antezana – Bocamina, from Miguel Hilari

    We are very pleased to host a double bill of films by two young Bolivian film makers preceded by a 30-minute webinar moderated by A-BS council member Zihan Jin in which the two directors, Nayra Antezana and Miguel Hilari, will introduce their films and discuss their work.

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More activities

Virtual Concert: Music for Breath

On Sunday 13th December, the British Bolivian Community was delighted to stage its first community and international event, the Música para Respirar 24/7 (Music to Breathe 24/7) launched by the Bolivian Chamber Music Society which perfectly aligns with its purpose and front-line efforts undertaken throughout this year.