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Brits in Bolivia – bits and pieces

Former British diplomat Alan Shave was challenged to write a history of the British in Bolivia.

Chiquitania: Paradise at Risk

Roberto Navia assessed how logging, fires, illegal invasions and other issues impact the Chiquitania.

Walter Kohn: An Honourable Man

Elizabeth Sissi Gill gave a magistral talk about the life of Walter Kohn during his time in Bolivia.

More News and Events
  • Identifying Globally Important Plant Areas (IPAs) in the Chiquitania
    With Bolivian partners, the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew is documenting and assessing areas of the Chiquitania for globally unique plant species and habitat types, making the results available to decision-makers locally as well as internationally.
  • Double Feature & Webinar: Altiplanos, from Nayra Antezana – Bocamina, from Miguel Hilari
    We are very pleased to host a double bill of films by two young Bolivian film makers preceded by a 30-minute webinar moderated by A-BS council member Zihan Jin in which the two directors, Nayra Antezana and Miguel Hilari, will introduce their films and discuss their work.
  • Virtual Concert: Music for Breath
    On Sunday 13th December, the British Bolivian Community was delighted to stage its first community and international event, the Música para Respirar 24/7 (Music to Breathe 24/7) launched by the Bolivian Chamber Music Society which perfectly aligns with its purpose and front-line efforts undertaken throughout this year.
  • Virtual talk – Fernando Montes: New art museum for la paz
    The Fernando Montes Museum opened in La Paz, Bolivia in January 2019. It exhibits a permanent collection of paintings and drawings by one of Bolivia’s most distinguished artists. John Montes, the artist’s son and co-curator of the Museum spoke about the artist’s life and art and the creation of the Museum.
  • Marta Bosacoma
    In Memory of Marta Bosacoma who was a very kind and generous lady.