‘Art History in Bolivia Today – A Discussion’

 Art history has changed over the last 50 years from being an arcane specialism for conservationists, gallerists, curators and academics into a cool, buzzy, highly political subject, filling pages of social media and prime-time slots on TV. That’s in the UK. What’s happening in the field in Bolivia?

In this video, we presented a dialogue between Pedro Querejazu, Bolivian art historian, conservator-restorer and cultural manager, whose expertise covers colonial south Andean art, Bolivian contemporary art and historical photography; and Dr Valeria Paz, Academic Coordinator and Advisor in the Department of Culture of the Universidad Católica Boliviana in La Paz. Her PhD thesis examined the work of Bolivian artist Roberto Valcárcel and she is currently researching mestizo and indigenous issues in Bolivian modern and contemporary art. 

The interview covered Professor Querejazu’s personal experience in the field of art history in Bolivia. He has published 14 books and numerous articles, including his monumental Pintura boliviana del siglo XX . 

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