“Land Above the Clouds”

Marion Morrison
Thursday 17 March 2022, 19:00 (UK) / 15:00 (Bolivia), via Zoom
All are welcome. There is no charge.

Attendance: Email anglobolivian@gmail.com to receive a Zoom link on the day.

This link is for your use only and must not be forwarded or shared. A member of the A-BS Council will host the presentation, and it will be possible to ask questions afterwards.

 “Land Above the Clouds”, filmed in1967 by the naturalist, filmmaker and writer Tony Morrison for Anglia Television as part of the Survival series, depicts threats to wildlife in Bolivia’s highland Puna plateau and the Titicaca and Laguna Colorada highland lakes. The film will be introduced by Marion Morrison and shows condors and camelids including vicuña and llamas, alongside Aymara dances, rituals and offerings and the unique Lake Titicaca totora reed boats. Andean flamingos, night herons, crested grebes and ducks also appear, and the film describes the Puya Raimondi plant that takes 150 years to grow and blossom once, before wilting. 

Tony and Marion Morrison met in 1963 when Marion was working as a graduate volunteer among the Aymara on the shores of Lake Titicaca. They went on to pioneer the BBC’s world-leading wildlife film tradition. Criss-crossing the Bolivian Altiplano, they filmed the Chipaya people hunting flamingos, before heading to the Uyuni salt flats – now recognized as one of the largest lithium-rich energy reserves in the world – and the Laguna Colorada, home to the rare James flamingo, at risk from egg hunters. Tony and Marion travelled widely through the Andean region and also ventured into Amazonia to film wildlife, rain and cloud forests. 

 Marion has written over 50 educational books, profusely illustrated accounts of the land, people, history, culture and natural history of the Latin American countries. Some included details of the economy and politics – often controversial subjects to cover. 

 A link to another film, “Lizzie”, will be available to those attending the presentation. The film is made from the 1987 book co-authored by Tony about the extraordinary journey to the Bolivian Amazon in 1896 made by the daughter of a middle-class Victorian family in London at the time of the rubber boom. 

As explained before, email anglobolivian@gmail.com to receive a zoom link for the webinar. The link is for your use only and must not be forwarded or shared.

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