Chiquitania: Paradise at Risk

The Chiquitano dry forest is an ecosystem that connects South America’s two largest biomes, the Amazon and the Gran Chaco, a dense, dry forest of thorn-covered trees and scrubs that extends south into Paraguay and Brazil. More than 20% of the Chiquitania is under cover of protected areas. However, more than 4 million hectares suffered the direct or indirect impact of indiscriminate logging, land trafficking, illegal invasions, agricultural frontier expansion, and forest fires. Renowned journalist, Roberto Navia, visited this region of Bolivia’s Eastern lowlands on several occasions and witnessed the enormous challenges the Chiquitania faces today.

Roberto’s talk was in Spanish

Roberto Navia is an experienced journalist, currently director of Revista Nómadas. He has travelled across Latin America and Europe for more than 20 years in search of stories to turn them into chronicles, books, reports, scripts and documentaries. He has won the most honourable international awards: twice the Rey de España International Journalism Award (2018 and 2014), Ortega & Gasset International Journalism Award 2007, among others. He was also nominated for the Goya Awards 2018, for the documentary Tribus de la Inquisición (Tribes of the Inquisition).

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