Bolivia’s Internet Challenges

Eliana Quiroz
Thursday 23 September 2021, 19:00 (UK) / 14:00 (Bolivia), via Zoom
All are welcome. There is no charge.

Attendance: Email to receive a Zoom link on the day.

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Bolivia is no stranger to digital disruption following the arrival of the Internet. Like many other nations in the region, it faces many challenges. To address these, the Foundation was formed in 2018 to strengthen access to a safe, free, and democratic internet in Bolivia. “We defend human rights on the Internet against any action that may lead to censorship, surveillance, manipulation, extortion, among other harmful practices against users.” Its director, Eliana Quiroz, will talk about the challenges Bolivia faces moving forward: the current state of play, issues concerning privacy, access and public policy, among others.

Eliana Quiroz is Executive Director of foundation, 2021 fellow of the Global Network Initiative (GNI) and visiting researcher at the Digital Disinformation Hub of the Leibniz Institute for Media Research (Hamburg University). She is undertaking a PhD on Disinformation during Political Crisis whilst promoting capacity building and campaigns on digital rights. Eliana has 25 years of experience working for multilateral and bilateral international cooperation agencies and public institutions.

She is the coordinator and co-author of the first academic handbook on Internet and society in Bolivia, Digital Bolivia: 15 overviews on Internet and Society, 2017 ( First Head of E-Government at AGETIC (E-Government and ICTs Agency of the National State). She writes a biweekly op-ed column “Internet a la boliviana” in the national newspaper La Razón since 2013.

As explained before, email to receive a zoom link for the webinar. The link is for your use only and must not be forwarded or shared.

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