Explaining and Presenting Rock Art to the Public: The Case of Roboré

Matthias Strecker
Presented on 19 January 2023

The Anglo-Bolivian Society was honoured to host educator and rock art expert Matthias Strecker, who summarised the research to date on rock art in the region of Roboré and highlighted the ongoing education campaign to make clear the importance of rock art in Bolivia’s cultural heritage.

English version
Spanish Version

Since the devastating wildfires in Chiquitania three years ago, the Bolivian rock art research society SIARB has worked on a comprehensive project in the municipality of Roboré in the Department of Santa Cruz. The project aims to catalogue rock art sites, record rock paintings and engravings, carry out a preliminary archaeological survey, draw up a management plan and initial conservation measures, and present the project’s findings to the general public through publications and other means. More than 80 sites have been registered. 

Matthias Strecker

Matthias Strecker is an educator and rock art expert. Both in Bolivia and internationally, he has contributed significantly to the knowledge, appreciation, and conservation of rock art. In 2002 the American Rock Art Research Association (ARARA) awarded its Preservation and Conservation award jointly to Matthias and SIARB. He is editor of SIARB’s annual Boletín, published for 36 years and has numerous research publications to his credit, most on aspects of the rock art of Bolivia or Mexico. SIARB recently published a book (in Spanish and English) on the rock art of Roboré. 

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