Double Feature & Webinar: Altiplanos, from Nayra Antezana – Bocamina, from Miguel Hilari

We are very pleased to host a double bill of films by two young Bolivian film makers preceded by a 30-minute webinar moderated by A-BS council member Zihan Jin in which the two directors, Nayra Antezana and Miguel Hilari, will introduce their films and discuss their work.  

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Thursday, 29 April 2021, 19:00


Nayra Antezana


When Nayra realizes her father (Tonchy Antezana) will stop making films, he finds an old unfinished script he wrote about his great-grandfather Chrysophore who was traveling on the Bolivian Altiplano high plateau with two mules delivering and showing films in mining centers in the early 20th century.

So, Nayra decides to undertake a trip with her father along the Bolivian highlands, touring villages abandoned following the decline in mining, where her great-grandfather once undertook a film project. Nayra endeavours to rescue images that her grandparents did not leave behind, before nothing remains with the passing of time. Altiplanos, documentary (33 minutes).


Miguel Hilari


“Bocamina” (2019) concerns the miners who work in Cerro Rico, the mountain of silver ore that overlooks the city of Potosi. Emerging from the darkness, faces begin a dialogue with those from years long past. Miguel Hilari studied film in La Paz, Santiago de Chile and Barcelona. His films “El corral y el viento” (2014) and “Compañía” (2019) as well as “Bocamina” portray generational gaps, indigenous identity and movements between countryside and city in Bolivia. They were screened and awarded at festivals such as Visions du Réel, Cinéma du Réel, Oberhausen, Transcinema, FIDOCS and others. He regularly collaborates in the production and assembly of his friends’ films. He lives in La Paz, where he works as a filmmaker, producer and teacher.

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