The making of a transnational community: Bolivian ex-miners’ migration strategies

Dr. Tanja Bastia
Lecturer in Urban Development
University of Manchester
Wednesday 26 March at 18:00
Joint presentation with the
Institute of Latin American Studies
Senate House, Malet Street, WC1E 7HU

The history of Bolivian geographic mobility represents a fascinating case study from which to better understand global processes of migration and the consequences that migration has for migrants and their communities of origin. This talk will present findings from a group of Bolivian ex-miners, who migrated within Bolivia from the mining town to Cochabamba and from there to Buenos Aires and various cities in Spain. Spanning at least two decades, the life stories and survey data collected for this research project also tells the story of the making (and the un-making) of a transnational community. Of particular interest are the findings related to gender relations and the extent to which these have changed through these processes of internal, regional and global migration.
* Image: Bolivian immigrants in Plaza Kantuta in Sao Paulo, Brazil, from the documentary “Un día más: ¿Cuánto esperarías antes de volver?”, directed by Sergio Estrada, Donald Ranvaud and Leonardo de la Torre Ávila.

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